” Excellent Representation

Ms. Noorishad represented me in traffic court and proved an excellent, capable attorneys. She successfully negotiated a complete dismissal of the case against me, without my having to pay a fine or even see points added to my driving record. Her counsel was clear and well supported by her cogent analysis not only of the law but also of the Court and its various personalities. Most importantly, I found her advice honest and pragmatic, informed by prudence and thoughtful judgment rather than a desire to tell me what she might have thought I wanted to hear. The fact that she engineered a complete dismissal points to her interpersonal skills in communication and negotiation; she was unfailingly prompt and reliable in returning my calls and delivering materials to the Court. She was a model professional throughout the process, from our first session to the final dismissal. I found her representation comprehensively excellent, and would recommend her to friends and colleagues without reservation.

” Excellent Lawyer

Ms. Noorishad was extremely professional, communicative, and knowledgable in her taking over my reckless driving case. She educated me on what to expect in the process, laid out a plan for me, I followed up, and she finished the job in court. she really prepares and honestly cares about her clients. Thanks Kiana for all your help. she’s a bright, skilled lawyer I highly recommend Ms. Noorishad.

” Great Defense attorneys!

I got a drug charge early this year. I contacted Ms. Noorishad after a friend told me about her. She was able to get the charge dropped after a lot of hard work. I’m so thankful for all the time and effort she put into my case. She was always available to speak to me and provided me with updates. Her hard work and professionalism is unmatched. I would recommend her to anybody looking for a great attorneys!

” Couldn’t have asked for a better attorneys!

I had a case that the county prosecutors thought for sure were going to “fry me” so to speak. I contacted Ms. Noorishad the DAY before my preliminary hearing. and everything was dropped against me with just her speaking to the prosecutor for 30 minutes. I would DEDINITELY recommend this law firm!! Great job, I am super satisfied, and my outcome could not have possibly gone better. If you’re in need of an attorneys, believe me, contact this firm!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

” Great Representation

Ms. Noorishad represented me in a traffic and FTA case. One of them was dropped and the other outcome was great as well. I would highly recommend her. Thanks Kiana Noorishad again for all of your help.